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Best Competitive Catchers Gear

Best Competitive Catchers gear

This page is dedicated to those catcher’s who play at competitive levels whether it be for a youth league, high school, collegiate or even professional. Many catchers can get away with regular equipment but competitive catchers should look into investing in a higher quality set if they want to become the best player possible.

Although great for a regular catcher, there are some limitations to the less expensive gear that is available. For starters, most of the inexpensive equipment is mass produced meaning that not has much care has gone into the equipment during production. The more expensive competitive gear also tends to be longer lasting and provide much more features that a competitive catcher would need. When playing catcher at a high level the game is much faster and requires the catcher to be more mobile and also more protected. This is the main advantage of competitive catchers gear as it tends to be built to help instead of hinder game play for a catcher.

Below is the gear that we recommend for competitive catchers:

1 – Easton Stealth Catchers Gear

Just about anyone who has played baseball has heard of Easton. You see the logo on gloves, bats, pants and everything else. Easton also makes remarkable catchers gear to fit both competitive and recreational players. On the competitive side of things, Easton’s flagship model is the Easton Stealth which is available in Adult and Intermediate sizes. For those with specific team colors, the Stealth speed gear comes in Black, Navy, Red, and Royal blue colors. Catchers that have used this gear have told us the following:

  • Wow, this catchers gear has lasted me for two years now catching 3 times a week for a full game
  • The quality is amazing
  • My high school son uses this game in game out and loves it
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Like almost all other full sets, the Stealth Speed catchers gear set comes fully equipped with a chest protector, leg guards, and helmet. The chest protector is one of the true beauties of this set as it has been carefully shaped to ensure the best fit possible exists. The use of pre-curved shoulders and segmented padding in the base provides the catcher with enough mobility so they can’t be slowed down. Most chest protectors feel bulky and heavy, but the Stealth speed will make it feel like you aren’t even wearing it! Not only that but with numerous layers of foam, you’ll always be protected.

The Stealth Speed leg guards are some of the most technology advanced that we have ever seen. The bent knee design is not only cool, but it also keeps your legs protected no matter what position your leg is in. Similar to the chest protector, these leg guards will feel non-existent allowing you to run around as much as required. When chasing down fly balls, you will no longer have to worry about bulky equipment holding you back.

The last piece of the Stealth set is the NOCSAE approved helmet. One of the more common complaints we receive is how much neck pain some catchers are in after a game. In most cases this is caused by the amount of pressure and weight exerted on the neck by wearing heavy helmet. The Stealth speed helmet is one of the lightest available despite its strong steel constructed and full ABS shell.

2 – Mizuno Pro G2

Another great set to consider for a competitive catcher is the Mizuno Pro G2 series. Although still a bit new, the Pro G2 has already received great reviews. Catchers who have worn this gear can’t believe how great it feels and how protected they feel when squatting behind home plate. Most catchers who end up purchasing equipment from Mizuno will opt for the Samurai series, but the Pro G2 provides many more features that you should consider. The Pro G2 series of catchers gear is only available in Adult sizes but comes in Black/Grey, Navy/Grey, Red/Grey, and Royal/Grey color options.

As shown in the image below, the Pro G2 uses a unique 4-way stretch construction. This innovative construction provides the catcher with a great about of mobility as the equipment feels like it is moving along with you. The surface of the Pro G2 is another perfect example of why this gear is so popular in that it uses low rebound innovations to ensure blocked baseballs are kept as close to your body as possible. We all know a passed ball can be the difference between winning and losing sometimes. This gear ensures you are always at your best.

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The newly designed Mizuno G2 leg guards will also make you happy. If you’ve ever worn inexpensive gear, one of the first things you’ll notice is how cheaply made it can feel. The G2 leg guards feature a metal buckle adjustment system and advanced lining making it one of the best sets available. With its triple knee design, a catcher will have no issue running after fly balls and chasing down runners when required.

Best Gear on a Budget

Best Budget Catchers Gear

With the economy the way it is right now, we’ve all had to make changes to the way we spend money. Things that are not necessities such as catchers gear have had to take a back seat to the more important things in life. Despite what many believe, you can still pick up a quality set of gear at an affordable price. This page has been created for those looking to save a little more money this baseball season but not be stuck with a useless set of protection! Our top picks include the Easton Natural and Mizuno Samurai series of gear.

1 – Easton Natural

Year after year, one of the most purchased sets of gear is the Natural series made by Easton. Just about every baseball players has heard of Easton and knows the quality behind the brand. Natural catchers gear is no different and can be purchased for under $170 for Adult sized gear. Based on affordability and quality, you will be hard pressed to find any better deal than that offered by Easton Natural gear. Natural Catchers Gear is available in all of the popular colors including Black (as shown), Green, Red, Navy, Royal, and Silver.

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The Natural chest protector has been designed to fit the chest area of any catcher. Using a form fitting design, this chest protector leaves no area unprotected leaving the catcher feeling safe. This light weight chest protector also contains its own ventilation system allowing the catcher to feel cool and dry at all times.
Many of the newest shin guards available can’t compare to the tried and tested version of the Natural series shin guards. With double toe cap protection, these leg guards protect even the smallest of areas and allow you to be as mobile as possible.

Some of the comments we’ve received for Natural gear include:
• “Provides a great view of the entire field and is comfortable”
• “My 16 year old son could not be happier with this set”
• “I would rate this set 6 out of 5 if I could!”

2 – Mizuno Samurai Catchers gear

One of the longest running and most innovative baseball equipment companies has been Mizuno. In terms of catcher’s gear, the most popular model offered by Mizuno is also one of the most affordable overall – the Samurai G4 series. The Samurai series is a high performance line that can be used be purchased for Adult, and youth level catchers. Samurai catchers equipment also comes in numerous colors including Black, Black/Grey, Green/Grey, Red/Grey, Royal Blue/Grey, Purple/Grey, and Navy/Grey.

People who buy the Mizuno Samurai Chest Protector are normally blown away with how great it feels. With its light weight yet durable construction, most catchers don’t even notice it surrounding their chest. Another great aspect of the Samurai chest protector is the ability it provides catchers to personalize it. The removable neck pad allows the catcher to personalize the gear with anything they want. No more lost gear!

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If you worry about knee protection while catching then the Samurai leg guards are perfect for you. These leg guards are built using technologies focused on protecting the knee no matter what position the catcher is in. Where some leg guards move around, the Samurai has added extra features to make sure they always remain in place.

Made with numerous layers of highly protective foam, the Samurai helmet is the last piece of the highly rated Samurai catchers gear. This helmet has been built with a strong steel frame to ensure the the catcher’s head is protected at all times. For those considered, this helmet also meets the NOCSAE standard of compliance.

All Star System 7 Catchers Gear Review

All Star System 7 Catchers Gear Review

One of the newest sets of catchers gear that was introduced this year was the All Star System 7 gear. This gear has quality become one of the more popular sets available and is perfect for catchers’s who are playing at any level and are in need of high quality gear. One of the best things about System 7 gear is that it is available in a wide variety of sizes all the way from Youth to Adult. Although a bit more expensive than some of the other brands, the System 7 gear is priced incredibly well for the amount of features you receive. All Star System 7 gear also features a higher end model for adult players and a less expensive model for intermediate and youth players. This ensures that younger players don’t need to break the bank in order to get quality gear!

This review breaks down the gear into a review of the chest protector, leg guards, and helmet. Although not shown, each piece of equipment below comes in Black, Red, Navy or Royal blue colors.

System 7 Chest Protector

The chest protector is one of the most important pieces for the catcher as it covers the widest area. The System 7 chest protector has been designed to keep the catcher both comfortable and as protected as possible while still being able to contribute to their best capabilities. The System 7 has been designed to include a ventilation system to reduce moisture while playing one of the hardest positions on the field. Constructed with many layers of light foam, this chest protector will help all major areas including protection, mobility, and comfort.

Adult (size: 16.5″)
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Intermediate (size: 15.5″)
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Youth (size: 14.5″)
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System 7 Leg Guards

System 7 leg guards are the newest line of shin protection offered by All Star and so far the reviews have been very positive! Many catchers have commented on how light these leg guards feel and how easily they fit around the legs. Not only do these leg guards provide a fantastic fit but they have also been designed using high impact plastic ensuring the catcher’s legs are always protected from dangers such as runners sliding into home. For the price, these leg guards would be perfect for any catcher.

Adult (size: 16.5″)
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Intermediate (size: 15.5″)
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Youth (size: 14.5″)
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System 7 Mask

One of the more unique pieces of the System 7 set is the individual face mask. Many catchers nowadays prefer the full hockey styled helmet worn by most catchers. But those looking for a more unique and traditional look should consider the System 7 face mask. One of the greatest advantages of this face mask is that it provides the catcher with one of the best views of the entire field. As all catcher’s know, being able to see a full field is extremely important to success. Not only will you be able to see the game easier, but this face mask also provides an exceptional amount of deflective abilities. Because of the curved shape used in this face mask, more padding can be applied to the most important area – directly in front of the front skull. This curved padding also provides the catcher with a secure fit keeping the head gear in place at all times.

On the other hand, you may also be interested in the more modern hockey styled mask. The All Star System 7 MVP mask is a beautiful two-tone mask that is not only sleek in design but is also one of the strongest in the business. Constructed using the impact reducing ABS shell, this mask is guaranteed to offer you the most protection available for your head area.

Adult Helmet
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Traditional Facemask
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Youth Helmet
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If you are interested in looking at other All star gear that we offer then please click here.

Catchers Gear

Catchers Gear

Welcome to Homerun Catchers Gear!  On this page you will find information on all the different types of Catchers Gear including catchers gloves/mitts, chest protectors, masks/helmets, and leg/shin guards for the aspiring baseball or softball catcher.  You will also be provided the opportunity to purchase various baseball catchers gear for use in your catching career. 

As said in Wikipedia “despite being heavily padded, catchers routinely suffer the worst physical abuse in baseball”. Because of the strenuous demands that catching does on the body, it is essential to choose proper fitting equipment.  Our sizing tips and methods section will help you determine the best ways to find proper fitting equipment. We also hope to mix in a little bit of news surrounding the catching world as well!

Catching is considered to be one of the most important facets of the game of baseball. They are in charge of calling the pitches, throwing runners out, and even blocking a runner from scoring an important run. Because the catcher has a view of the entire field, they are normally strong leaders and have the ability to direct the other field players at any given moment. The catcher is also responsible for learning the abilities and tendencies of each pitcher within their team. Pitchers can be a finicky bunch and a proper game managing catcher can go a long way to team success. Besides his fellow teammates, a catcher also has to decipher the game being called by the umpire. Some umpires have a much larger strike zone than others and the catcher should use that to his advantage.

I hope you enjoy your stay.  Please feel free to use the Contact Us section and send me an email with any comments.  Thanks!

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